We are a certified Adobe partner,
with plugins offered in both Illustrator and Photoshop
and operate in the 2 latest versions offered in Creative Cloud


We support both Mac & PC environments


Updates to the software
as well as live support
is included in all
subscription offerings for the entire term of the contact


Initial training onsite or via web is an additional cost but new feature and new user training is included


Our products work off of a cloud based licensing solution for easy and fast activations.
Working offline is also available so if internet connectivity is an issue, you'll still have access!


We have the lowest cost for software technologies with the highest value for Textile and Fashion design software

Technology That Will Support Growth And Scalability

  • Drive collection development from both the design and business point of view
  • Reduce the time it takes to develop a product line
  • Remove human error on repeat functions, fashion sketching, measurements and scaling
  • Develop consistent libraries of trims and accessories to be utilized throughout the entire corporation

Technical Support And Maintenance

  • Ask questions and get answers when needed with phone and email support
  • Free online event classes
  • Receive minimal training when calling in for support. Class trainings and onsite trainings are additional
  • Remove human error on repeat functions, fashion sketching, measurements and scaling
  • No additional charges occur for new releases of software and technology developed by Aquario Design. Your company will receive everything we offer for new technology

Unleash creativity in textile design

Use Aquario Design to explore options and unleash your creativity.

Choose to use existing patterns by scanning images or create brand-new art freehand. The multiple creation tools produce stunning design results in minutes.

Experiment with as many designs as you like and choose the best ones for the design review process.

Test your creativity with unique weaves, plaids, knits and more.

Try out repeat patterns ‘till your heart’s content. Adjust how graphic elements appear and see everything happen in real time.

Use all the colors you want without the need to revert to indexed color and save as many colorways as you like. You can eve have the software suggest some that you may not have thought of!

Drastically reduce design time

Because designers love the Adobe suite of design tools, most textile and apparel designers prefer to work with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Using Aquario Design plug-ins provides an optimal workflow that specifically addresses the needs of textile designers, augmenting the Adobe capabilities to eliminate frustrations that can occur when using a more limiting set of tools.

In the past, users often had to invest in additional systems that were not well integrated with the Adobe environment, requiring a long learning curve and switching between multiple applications. These proprietary systems are also frequently too costly, especially for independent designers or smaller brands and design firms. However, with the availability of newer tools that are better integrated into the Adobe suite, all of that has changed.

Creating a fabric design with repeats, drops, weaves, colorways and more using just Illustrator and Photoshop can be time consuming. And, if you want to make a change, it’s not always easy to step back to where you need to make the change. In fact, in many cases, it’s easier to start over. That’s why using specialized tools that operate as plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator can increase your productivity. 

As a designer, you can continue to work in the familiar Adobe environment but have access to many tools designed specifically for textiles, providing you with the capabilities you have only dreamed about!


You can recolor channels by simply clicking on a color chip inside the swatches list. This allows you to create multiple colorways without a complicated or cumbersome workflow. You can even shuffle colors within the colorway with the click of a mouse and see results immediately. Don’t like it? No problem. A click or two lets you see a new colorway or go back to where you were. Plus, you are not limited in the number of colors you can use

For Brendan Rauth, this recoloring capability not only results in better designs, but reduces costs as well. “Because the software has tools to both build a color palette internally as well as a feature to randomize colors you like,” he says, “you can look at a number of options before committing to any development in a factory. We have partnerships with factories in a half dozen countries, and when you send options to them for development, there are fees involved. We can narrow down the number of options we want to explore before ever getting the factory involved, and that is huge.”

Custom Development

With Aquario Design, many common integrations are already in place, and the talented professional services team at Aquario stands ready to provide custom development if you need new workflows currently unavailable or want to make existing ones easier to use. We analyse your workflow and streamline it with integrations that automate tedious and time consuming processes to make your life easier. Aquario Design integrations currently include solutions for multiple PLM providers. Aquario professional services experts also have experience integrating Aquario with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Extension Manager, InDesign, Experience Manager and Bridge. This allows you to access multiple Adobe tools with one central integrated solution.

The technology you need to speed up your creativity

We’ll show you how you can produce more creative designs by:

• Using as many colors as you wish
• Visualizing repeats as you design
• Leveraging a system that presents all colorways options with a single click

The result is a faster, more innovative design process that allows you to:

• Create stunning textile designs
• Easily translate designs to garment sketches and storyboards
• Tie the workflow together in a high-efficiency, connected way

You’ll learn how to achieve predictable and stunning colors by:

• Communicating color consistently, even across a global supply chain
• Quickly matching RGB or CMYK color to proprietary systems
• Creating color palettes that can be shared throughout all stages of product development

Design in a connected environment

Create production-ready designs

The final step in the design process is generating a production-ready file that will ensure manufacturing meets the design intent. This presents a whole other set of challenges. You begin by creating a multi-channel file; a process simplified by using the Aquario Design RSe Separation tool.

Print Production Tool

Next, the RSe Print Production tool automates presentation options (sometimes called color pitch-outs) for production and final send-off. It generates text fields automatically with check boxes for the file name, colorway name, dimensions and date.

You can automatically add file margins and chip information with just one click. All options are also fully customizable and editable after the file is generated.

You can save and use different templates on multiple types of designs while sharing them instantly with the rest of the team.

Design In a Connected Environment

Connectivity tools

Brendan Rauth, Men’s Apparel Designer at United By Blue, points out that Aquario’s connectivity tools are a big time saver. “If you have a large team, everyone spread across the globe,” he says, “you can quickly and efficiently update everyone’s color palettes, rather than having to do it computer by computer. We typically have seasonal palettes and we can easily build those and push them out. That’s not intuitive in Adobe. I wouldn’t even know how to do that; so it’s an easy way to take advantage of big savings of time across the board.”

Separation Tool

You eyedrop the shades from original artwork and Aquario Design automatically creates the spot-color channels in a new file. The preview gives a real-time look at the new separations, plus all of the channel information is automatically saved for future recoloring and other production-preparation steps.

Rhonda Shechtman

Senior Designer at Alphi Apparel Group

“The Aquario Design suite has become indispensable to me. This easy and affordable design suite allows me to create designs I was unable to create before. Designing take a fraction of the time. I can be more creative and the tools are a pleasure to use.”