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Communicate color consistently
Design Utilities
The Design Utilities keep colors, patterns, and seasonal palette data organized for design teams. Supporting standard Adobe formats, these color palettes can easily be shared with vendors or brand owners. When a color or palette changes, designers receive updates automatically, in real time, in Adobe Illustrator.
Color Range
Color Range
Color Range comes with the Design Utilities and helps designers match colors to the printed result. From within Adobe® Illustrator®, users can create color ranges around a single color, match colors to a color library with one click, or adjust colors on the fly to accurately match the printer.
Produce more creative artwork
Easily create repeat patterns with Repeat in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop®. Use straight, drop and shift layouts in conjunction with vector or raster art. Design with a live preview that shows what the repeated artwork will look like. Easily switch between the Repeat functions and Adobe tools to proficiently deliver sophisticated and professional design layouts.
Efficiently create woven patterns including plaids and complex dobby patterns. Weave adds functionality to Illustrator, allowing designers to creatively develop woven constructions and recolor them.
Create knit patterns including Fair Isles, intarsia or custom stitch layouts using Knit. Designers develop knit layouts and recolor them within Adobe Illustrator design application. The instant knit simulation gives a clear visual of how the design is laying out.
Geo allows you to create complex and difficult snowflake and geometric motif patterns for your artwork. Use these motifs with the repeat tool to easily generate a tiled layout of a complex geometric pattern.
RSe plug-ins for Photoshop eliminate the need to reduce colors to indexed colors, keeping your artwork intact. After creating the repeat file, Separation provides the tools to split the artwork into color channels for easy recoloring or creation of colorways. By using color channels, artwork retains more depth and smoother gradients, while still providing unlimited possibilities to recolor any artwork.
Recolor artwork in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to create multiple colorways from a single design. Use the random function to swap colors quickly and save the colorways you like. Display the colorways for different versions of the artwork, both for presentations or to physically print.
Easily create garment sketches and storyboards
Fashion Utilities
The Fashion Utilities make it easy and fast to do 2D garment sketching in Adobe Illustrator using symmetry lines to create both sides of the garment at the same time. Automatically create stitch lines and fill your garments with fabrics, patterns and color swatches. Plus streamline the creation of storyboards or presentations.
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