Can I make a pattern texture version of my color palette with Aquario Design?

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You can recolor raster images using the Aquario Design Raster Recolor tool. This procedure explains how to use the Raster Recolor tool to make a pattern texture version of a color palette and implement it into Palette Manager, however the Raster Recolor tool can be used with any raster images and colors. To Use Raster Recolor:

  1. Open up the desired pattern swatch in an Illustrator file. You can copy and paste the pattern from another file or place it into the Illustrator document. If it is placed in the document make sure to embed the pattern.
  2. Go to Window>DesignPro>Design Bar to open the DesignBar if it’s not open already.
  3. Click the Camera icon on the Design Bar to expand it and show the Raster Recolor Button that will be used.
  4. Push the desired color palette into the Swatches window so that the colors will be available in the file. If the palette was made with the Palette Manager tool, use the Palette Utility tool to push the selected color palette into the swatches.
  5. Use the Selection tool to select the pattern image in the document.
  6. With the image selected, hold down the Control key (PC) or the Command key (Mac) on the keyboard and select the colors that you want to recolor the image with in the Illustrator Swatches window.
  7. Click the Raster Recolor button (Paintbrush) on the Design Bar.
  8. Click OK to the prompt.
  9. A pattern swatch of the image tonally recolored in each selected color will now be added into the Illustrator Swatches window.

Once you have recolored the pattern image and a colorized version with each color from your palette, you can add the pattern swatches into a palette in Palette Manager. If you’d like to save the palette in Illustrator, delete out any unused colors from the Swatches window aside from the desired pattern swatches, and then click the Swatches options>Save Swatch Library as AI

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