How To Manually Activate an Aquario Design License

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This article explains how to do a manual activation for an Aquario Design license when an online activation fails. An online activation might fail in the case of strict network security settings that block the licensing server.

1. Open License Manager

  • Mac: Applications/Aquario Design/License Manager
  • PC: C:\Program Files\Aquario Design\License Manager

2. Enter the customer license code in the License Key box
3. Go to the Offline tab.
4. Under Manual Activation, click Save Request
5. It will save a .lic file name something like “AqActivationRequest_username_20190603.lic”
6. Have the customer email you this file or transfer it in some way
7. Go to and log in with your credentials
8. Go to Manual Activation and click Choose File to upload the “Activation Request” file
9. Click the Activate or Deactivate button
10. Click Download the Activation response XML file 
11. Email or transfer back the Activation Response Lic file to the user
12. Go to License Manager and click Load Response
13. Select the Activation Response Lic file and upload
14. It should now say License Active in green

Note: You may wish to zip the .Lic files when emailing them if the network blocks these files in emails. Make sure to unzip the files prior to uploading them.

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