How To Set Up License Manger for Dongle Licensing

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Dongles allow the computer to license DesignPro without using an online activation or Manual activation. The Dongle has to be configured by an Aquario Design specialist and sent to the customer.

  1. Make sure Aquario Design is installed and the Dongle has already been set up.
  2. Plug in the Dongle to the usb port on the computer. Make sure no other software keys are plugged in as one or both keys can break the other.
  3. Go to License Manager (Mac: Applications>AquarioDesign>License Manager/ PC: C:Program Files/AquarioDesign/License Manager)
  4. Open License Manager and go to the Config Tab
  5. Set the Type to “unikey”
  6. Click Save (if it gives you an error message it still saves the xml file)
  7. Launch Illustrator or RS and check that the license is active
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