How can I export a repeat tile from Illustrator Colorist?

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For any repeat, woven or knit file that needs an exported repeat swatch, go to the Export tab on Colorist in Illustrator once the art has been added to Colorist. Choose a file type, resolution and select the artwork on the document. Then hit the arrow button on the panel to see a destination window and complete the export.

This function will export the selected artwork on the file. To change the size of the artwork shown, use the Fill Size option on any of the Repeat, Weave or Knit tools to add or subtract to the image.
Please note, for Repeats use the Fill Size to show the correct amount of the repeat when the artwork is created using half drop or shift options. Doubling the height on a shift and doubling the width on a half drop will give the correct repeat tile when exported.

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