How Can I Print a Range of Pages From My Color Book?

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After creating a color book with the Color Range module from the Books tab, you can use the options in the Illustrator Print menu to only print out select pages at a time, or export specific artboards as individual files. To print directly from Illustrator:

  1. Generate the Color Book from the Books tab on the Color Range tool
  2. Go to File > Print menu in Illustrator
  3. Next to Artboards under the General section, select Range.
  4. Type in the range of artboards you want to print. For example: 30-40, 50
  5. Click Print

If you want to print from a RIP software or another location, first export the artboards as separate files. Then:

  1. Go to File > Export >Export As
  2. Select “Use Artboards” and Range at the bottom of the export window
  3. Type in the desired range of pages
  4. Click Export

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