How do I change color information on a color swatch in Illustrator?

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To change a color’s information or properties in AI, follow the steps below.

1: Open the color in AI Swatches panel.
2: Double click on the color chip or select the color and choose Swatch Options from the menu at the top right corner.
3: When you get the Swatch Options panel open, there are a few items that can change based on what is needed. The swatch can be named, the type can be changed and the color mode can be changed as well. Make changes and hit OK to save it.

*If you have added this color to Palette Manager already, you will need to delete it out and re-add this swatch to update the information.

**If you are working with the color in RS, we recommend using RGB Mode. RS does not handle LAB colors and will change the value of a CMYK color to RGB.

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