How do I change the repeat size of a Weave?

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You can edit the repeat size of a weave by scaling the warp and weft bars or manually adjusting the color bars to meet the criteria for the new repeat size.

Scaling the Weave bars:

  1. Go to the Weave Generation section at the bottom of the weave tool and find the Scale option.
  2. Check off Warp and Weft if you want to scale the entire weave proportionately, or just one of them if you only need to scale one side.
  3. Type in the number that you want to scale it by and hit Enter.

Manually Adjusting the Repeat Size:

  • Use the Selection tool to select the Weave bars and drag them shorter or longer. Select all the warp and weft bars at once and hold Shift to scale proportionately¬†or adjust the bars one at a time. Use the Align button to re-align any bars that need it. Then hit Generate.
  • Use the Element Details section of the Weave tool. Select a Weave bar and make sure Enable Length Change is checked off. Type in the new length of that bar in the highlighted field above and hit Enter. Do this for all Weave Bars, then hit Generate to update the Weave swatch.

You can show the overall repeat size of the weave by using the rulers or dimensions buttons that are available on the Design Bar. Toggle them on and off after editing the repeat size to show the new size. If you do not see the Rulers and Dimensions icons on the Design Bar, click the Aquario Design logo on the left of the Design Bar and make sure Quick Dimension Utilities are checked off.

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