How do I create a space dye or jaspé using the weave tool?

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To create a textured plaid or stripe like a space dye or jaspé, the first thing you’ll want to do is draw out your plaid using solid blocks of color. If these colors are not part of your AI swatches or from an existing .ase palette, add the color into your Illustrator swatches library.

Next, open up your desired space dye or find a picture of one on google. It’s best if this image is in repeat but that’s not super important.
Place this artwork into the AI weave file.

Then, use the DesignPro raster recolor tool to recolor the space dye swatch in all of the weave bar colors. Do this twice, once with the texture going horizontally and once with it going vertically.

Finally, fill the solid color blocks of your weave with the raster-recolored space dyes, placing the horizontal direction in the weft and the vertical direction in the warp.

Please note that are you can’t run this file in colorist. To recolor, you’ll have to make raster recolors of all the desired swatches again and re-fill, then “swatch” the generated weave once that’s done.

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