How do I get my colors to show up in RS?

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When working in RS and RS Colorist, palettes will populate automatically if they have been built into Palette Manager in Illustrator to provide easy access to seasonal color palettes. If you have not build palettes yet, here's how to get started. “

  • To build a palette into Palette Manager, open Illustrator and go to Window>DesignPro>Design Utility>Palette Manager.
  • Add the Brand, Year and Palette information to each of the top three drop downs by entering the name and hitting + after each one on Palette Manager
  • Add colors into Palette Manager by selecting the color(s) in the Swatches panel, an open ASE file or eye dropping from a file and hitting + next to the Colors section. Do this until all necessary colors are added to the palette.
  • Once this is finished open RS and click on the Swatches panel to the right side on the window. This should reflect the palettes made in Illustrator.

n¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†*If this does not reflect the same palettes, please contact for further help”

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