How do I save a template in RS?

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You can create and save templates for production and presentation in RS Colorist. You will need to have your configuration file set up in order to save templates. To have this set up please¬†please reach out to¬† “To make a template in RS Colorist:n

  1. Launch an artwork file in RS and apply the colors. 
  2. Go to Window>Colorist
  3. Navigate through the Show, Layout, and Page tabs. Select the desired information, color chip size/orientation, and page size. Move the information, color chips, and page where you want it to be placed around the artwork. 
  4. Go to the Template tab. You can add text and images or logos if desired.
  5. Click the Floppy Disc icon at the bottom of the Template tab to save the template. 
  6. Your template will be added to the list of templates. Double click the template name to rename it.
  7. To apply a template select it from the list and click the check button.

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