How do I see the Weave tools, Knit tools, and Fashion Sketch Pen tools in the Ai toolbar in Illustrator CC2019?

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In the CC2019 version of Illustrator, the Ai tool box sometimes defaults to the “Basic” setting, which will hide many of the Illustrator tools including the DesignPro Weave, Knit, and Fashion features.

The tools referred to here For Weave are the Add Element Tool, Select Element, Draw Pattern, and Dobby Magnet tools. The Knit tools here are the Knitting tool, Knit Selection tool, Knit Paint tool, and Knit Eyedropper tool. The Fashion tools are the Fashion Sketch Pen tool and the Symmetry line tool.

There a few ways to show the Aquario Design tools in the Illustrator toolbar:

  1. Go to the Toolbar and click the “…” at the bottom
  2. Click the Options icon at the top right corner
  3. Check off Advanced
  • Go to Window>Toolbars>Advanced. This will expand the toolbox to include the DesignPro tools.
  • Go to Window>Workspace>Essentials Classic. This will change the Illustrator workspace to the classic  essentials setup from older versions of Illustrator, including expanding the toolbox to include the Aquario Design tools.

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