How do I send off multiple Colorways made in Illustrator Colorist?

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When you have made multiple colorways in Colorist, you can select the colorways that you want to send off and present them. The presented files with be automatically exported into a new Illustrator document that can be saved as any file type or kept as an Illustrator file for other's to utilize inside of Illustrator without the DesignPro plug-ins. “

  1. Set up the artwork on the page as desired using your Colorist Templates or the Layout and Show tabs along with any Illustrator functions like the artboard or Alignment tools.
  2. Go to the Colorways tab in Colorist and select the colorways you want to send off.
  3. Click the 3rd button down on the right side of the colorist tool. This is the Present button. It will create a new Illustrator file called “File Name_All” Each colorway will be on its own artboard and grouped together. This is the file you will share with others.
  4. You can always go back to the original colorist file and edit the artwork/make changes to colorways and present them again.

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