How to add a pattern in RS

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This article explains how to add a pattern file into your artwork in RS. “There are two workflows you can do to add in a pattern swatch as an image into RS artwork.

Import pattern swatch as image on its own layer:n

  1. Make sure your pattern is available as a png, jpg, tiff, or psd.
  2. Launch a file in RS and apply the colors.
  3. Go to Edit>Add Image
  4. Select the pattern file
  5. Apply the colors to pattern layer

nNow the pattern will be an image on its own layer that you edit, draw on, resize, and utilize in your artwork. 

Import pattern swatch to a specific color position:n

  1. Launch a file in RS and apply the colors.
  2. You can add the pattern in on its own layer at this point if you want to scale and color reduce it in RS
  3. Go to Edit>Fill Pattern
  4. If the pattern is already on its own layer, check “Select From Layer” and select the pattern layer
  5. If the pattern is an external image that is not in the artwork, check “Open From File”
  6. Click “Pick Color” to select which color¬†position the pattern will get filled into
  7. Check “Use Current Colors” or “Add New Colors” to decide whether to¬†import the pattern swatch's color or reduce it to the currently applied colors in the artwork
  8. Check “Scale To Fit” to scale the pattern to the repeat size, or select how many times you would like the pattern to tile across the artwork
  9. Click OK

nThis workflow will place the pattern into the specified color positions in the artwork for you. For more information please email

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