How To Add New Art Elements To Existing Colorway Art in Illustrator

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  1. Select the new art pieces. Using the Magic Wand or the Select > Same menu in Illustrator can be handy to make sure that all pieces of the new artwork are selected.
  2. Go to the Colorways tab in the Colorist tool and click the Add button under the Art Section.
  • For Repeat art, select all the new motifs
  • For Weave art, select only the new color bars. Do not select the pattern or fill bars
  • For Knit, use the Knit Selection tool and select the new stitches
  1. It will create new color chips next to the existing ones on the page.
  2. Click through each of the colorways to update them with the new artwork.
  3. Recolor the new art by selecting the new color chip and selecting a color from the swatches or color picker.

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