How to engage the brush tools in RS when they won’t draw on the artwork

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There are a couple of reasons that the brush tool may not be drawing on the page in RS. “First make sure that a color has been selected to draw with and that the transparency swatch is not selected in the Solid Colors box. If you have a color selected and the brush still does not work, follow the steps below:

  1. When the brush (this can be the Single Color Painting tool, Group Painting tool, Blend Brush, Cleaning Brush, or Eraser Brush) is not engaging, switch to an Area drawing tool (this can be the Rectangle/Lasso Single Color Painting tool, Rectangle/Lasso Group Painting tool, Rectangle/Lasso Cleaning tool, or the Rectangle/Lasso Eraser tool).
  2. Then click on the artwork once with the area tool.
  3. Then switch back to the brush tool and start drawing on the page again.

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