How to use the .BAK file created by RS

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You can use a .bak file to recover artwork when a psd file that has been run through RS has been lost, deleted or corrupted. Click on the .bak file and edit the name so that the “.bak” is removed and hit Enter. This will ask “Do you want to use .bak or .psd?”. Choose “Use .psd”. Open that file in Photoshop or directly in RS to use like the original artwork file.

The .bak can also be deleted at any time without effecting the original psd file saved from RS. The file is just a copy of the original and unneeded for sharing or editing the artwork. 

Turn off the .bak from being created by opening RS, going to the following locations and unchecking the option for “Save Backup File”

Mac: RS > DesignProRS > Preferences
PC: RS > Edit > Preferences

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