Issues saving and exporting files to the server from Aquario Design

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If you are experiencing issues while saving or exporting files to a server or share drive from an Aquario Design application, please follow the these steps to fix the issue.

-Save/export to a local location (ie. Desktop) to eliminate all connection issues to external locations. If this is successful, check the list below and then re-try sending the files elsewhere.

-Check that the drive is still connected and hasn’t dropped off by clicking into it via Finder (Mac) or Explorer (PC). Once it is confirmed that the drive location is stable, try exporting or saving there again.

-If the computer is not connected to an Ethernet cable and is working on wifi, please check that the wifi connection is also stable and hasn’t dropped. If it has, reconnect and try again or try plugging into a hard wired connection for more stability.

-Try saving the file locally and closing the program all together. Check all connections above and then try opening the file again and exporting/saving to the server/share drive.

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