Tips and tricks for reducing file sizes in Illustrator

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1. The first thing you can do to reduce file sizes is remove any excess and hidden strokes, handles, points and objects.
To do this, click control (PC) OR command (mac) +Y to view the file in “wire mode”. Here, you can see just how many objects and lines are floating around in the file that are hidden in regular view mode. Delete any excess mess. To release the wire view mode, click control or command +Y again.

2. Use the pathfinder tool to crop out excess data that is hidden behind a clipping mask. Select the clipping masked object and go to window > pathfinder. Click the “merge” or “crop” buttons which are the two middle icons on the bottom row of the tool.

3. Delete any swatches, brushes or symbols you are not using.

4. Save the file without a PDF compatible file.
When you save a file in illustrator, you get a save prompt with many check box options. The first one under options says “create PDF compatible file”. Make sure this is UNCHECKED. A 128 MB file went down to 56 MB just by unchecking create PDF compatible file.

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