What do I do if I don’t see Textile Designer in Photoshop Plugins?

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During this install process, you will see 2 steps that you will have to click through. The initial install process will happen inside the window launched from the installer that you’ve downloaded from our website. The second will be a series of prompts that you will need to click through that will launch inside Creative Cloud. If you did not see Creative Cloud launch after the first window of prompts, before trying to license the software or opening Photoshop please try rerunning the installer.
Note: You will not be able to install this software if Creative Cloud is not installed on the machine.*
If you get any errors during the process, please make sure that the installer is on the desktop before running it, Creative Cloud is up to date and Photoshop is closed.
You can check for an update to our software as well, by going to the Textile Designer page and downloading the package again.
You can also try running Photoshop in Rosetta if Textile Designer is not appearing in “Plugins”. For help doing this, see this page.
If you still do not see the tools under “Plugins” in Photoshop, please contact textiledesigner@aquariodesign.com for assistance.

Try reinstalling plugin through Creative Cloud
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