Why can’t I edit the colorways of my art in Illustrator?

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When working with Colorist in Illustrator you need to make sure that you are creating colorways in the working version of the artwork file: that is, an Illustrator file format with vector artwork. If you are working with Weave files, make sure that the weave bars (the warp and weft color, thread, and pattern bars) are visible in the document and unlocked. When you recolor a weave in Colorist, it is really recoloring the color bars and need all bars available in the document to re-generate the Weave swatch for each colorway that you create. When the colorways are presented, the Weave bars will automatically be excluded from presentation in the _All Colorways file that is created. If you are working with Repeat files, make sure that you are working with the original repeat artwork created by Aquario Design. It should not be a rasterized version of the artwork or the Repeat Swatch that is generated by the Swatch button on the repeat tool. If you are working with Knit files, make sure that you have the actual Knit stitches on the document to recolor, not just the Fill Size or a swatch of the knits. Colorist needs the Knit stitches in the file so it can recolor them properly; though that the Fill Size will be recolored as well. Individual knit swatches are just rasterized versions of the stitches, so they will not be recolored automatically. However, when you present the colorways, Colorist will include a swatch version of each knit colorway in the swatches box. If you are using the Knit Fill Size, only the Fill Size will be presented and the knit stitches will be removed in the presentation file. If you are working with regular Illustrator artwork, make sure that the artwork is in vector format and unlocked in the layer list. Some artwork and effects may need to be expanded in order for Colorist to read the artwork properly and recolor it. I f Colorways are unresponsive, copy and paste the artwork into a new Illustrator file. For additional support please email contact@aquariodesign.com for further assistance.

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