Why do some of my motifs disappear when starting repeat?

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There are many reasons why different workflows could affect the success of our tools. Motifs with too many compound paths, heavy motifs with a lot of points, and motifs that were previously run in our tools all run the risk of causing messy behavior when using the Aquario Design Repeat and Colorist. Here are some recommended workflow improvements to help prevent any misbehavior within our tools:

1: Don’t add multiple repeats on one page

  • If you are creating a print within a print, refrain from using our repeat tool until you are fully ready to create your repeat tile. If you put artwork or motifs into repeat using our tool to just make a larger repeated motif, and then want to take that motif and make it into a larger repeating print, you’ll have to expand the motifs by going to object – expand- and check fill and stroke. The motifs that were previously put into repeat carry hidden metadata that fights with the repeat and colorist tool’s code, causing the motifs to get deleted off the page.

2: Don’t start colorist until you are ready to recolor your final print

  • If you need to recolor a motif, do so by using the direct select tool in illustrator rather than using colorist. Once a motif or print has been added to colorist it won’t like if you then go back and try to put that colorist motif into repeat. As noted before, the Colorist metadata will fight with repeat’s code and cause the motif to disappear.

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