Why Won’t the Weave Tool Recognize the Weave Bars?

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For Weave files, make sure that all Weave Elements have been made with the Add Elements tool. Make sure to save the working Weave file as an Illustrator file. Do not merge Elements using the Illustrator Path Finder tool as this will cause them to not be readable by the Weave or Colorist tools. Merge elements using the Merge button in the Weave toolbox. When you select a functioning Weave element bar with the selection tool, the Element Details section of the Weave tool window will engage and tell you the property type, if it is from the warp or weft, and the length of the bar. If this section does not engage then the Weave bar was not handled or made correctly. You can copy and paste all of the Weave bars into a new Illustrator document and generate the weave again, or re-draw the broken Weave bars using the Add Element tool.

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